Friday, October 17, 2008

This operation is now up and running

Howdy ya'll.  It's finally time to get this blog started.  I wanted to wait until I got to Ringling before I started posting in here.  So far, I've stared five different sketchbooks, all containing different things.  I've started one for figure, one for character designs, one for studies, one for mindless stuff, and one for assignments.  I also have a couple others laying around I've started since my arrival, and those will be uploaded soon as well.  Oh yeah, I've also got some killer watercolor portraits to add too. :)

The first few drawings are from a couple of different sketchbooks.  The first three images were drawn in the back of my figure drawing journal.  I don't believe my teacher has even seen them yet.

I really want to sculpt this.

These next sketchbook drawings are from figure class.  I really enjoy short pose days because it gives me a chance to embrace my speedy drawing tendencies.  I also have a slight case of ADD when it come to drawing.  I get very disinterested, very fast.

That's all for now, I will have much more later on today.

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