Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ready Able - animatic work in progress

It's been a while, time for an update.

This is one of the first steps in the next series of finished illustrations for GRIZZLY BEAR'S, "Ready Able." There are videos out there already, but I am determined to do one of my own, with the intent of it not being nearly as creepy as the original. I'm pretty excited, I've had some really good ideas, and it feels great to finally start working my way out of my rut. I haven't done any serious art since I dropped out of Ringling. Anyway, here's one of the main characters. I'm not 100% sold on her design yet but I know I want her to be a forest nymph.
She falls in love with a hunter (or vise versa, I haven't decided yet) and her father is outraged and all hell breaks loose...etc. It's a work in progress.


86863 said...


nice work. i'm preparing for a design degree in product or technical design. are most of those paintings done on illustrator?

Rachel Wolfe said...

hi! sorry it took me so long to comment back. I rarely get on here.

I did this one in photoshop. I prefer to work in traditional media but I really enjoy doing my line work in illustrator or Photoshop. Sometimes I even color with illustrator because I prefer the crisp, even coverage that vectors offer.