Monday, September 26, 2011


The other night while I was drawing, I was a little frustrated with myself for being fresh out of ideas. This is usually the norm, my creativity has dwindled away over the years but I've been actively trying to ignite it again. Anyway, I took a break and drove out to the grocery store to pick up some things. On my way there, an excerpt from Swan Lake (Clint Mansell's version from BLACK SWAN) started to play on my ipod. The song started to stir up ideas in my head; a ballet of sorts. It then got me thinking of something I put on hiatus last year.

I've always had an idea for a story involving a Satyr or some kind of other mythical being like a nymph or forest spirit falling in love with a human being. Because of their forbidden love (you know, mortals can't be with immortals, etc.) the forest god punished the immortal for breaking the rules. The outcome is yet to be determined but I've been wanting to work the idea a little more to come up with a solid story to board and a concept to visually develop.

So after I got home, I doodled a little in my sketchbook and came up with a Faun/Satyr character I could possibly use. He's semi-mischievous, and I haven't decided if he's an antagonist or supporting protagonist. I really like the previous idea I had with a female forest spirit or nymph disguised as a deer. Maybe I'll find a way to work them together. At this point, the idea is still very cloudy and underdeveloped. we will see how it goes.

On a different note, I find it very difficult to update this thing as much as I'd like.

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