Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sketch paper < marker paper

I used my copics on sketch paper....I learned my lesson:

there's a reason for high quality paper. 


I've been packing all week for my big move this coming thursday.   My furniture doesn't match and looks terrible with my carpet. I've got a few retro-esque pieces furniture though, and a good number of other cool things to fill my apartment. I've started to get a little excessive with the 'bird collecting'. I've got some fancy bird art to put on my walls and I've even started collecting owl knickknacks to place randomly throughout the place. This is my first apartment...I've become a little obsessed with decorating.

 I also have an addiction to retro furniture and antiques,  however,  and it is very hard to say no to an ugly couch.  I don't think anyone will ever understand why I would want this:

I'm not so sure I know why I would want it.  I pouted over that couch for a week.  Then it was gone forever. It was too big to fit through the door anyway.

Anwyay, my real couch has birds on it :)

I should be updating much more after my move.  I will have some more space to make my art and more privacy.  I'm so excited.  

now, if only the centipedes in my mom's basement could refrain from appearing for a few more days.  They can scurry about all they want after I'm gone.  I'm a paranoid mess and I did not enjoy my encounter with the 2" one this afternoon. Ugh.  Wanna stress me out? put a centipede in front of me.



S.P.Arthur said...

Good luck with the move

P.S. My dad flippin' loves centipedes, has been studying them for like 40 odd years.

Justin Rodrigues said...

As I mentioned on your Bird blog. I love your stuff. Especially your owls!

Rachel Wolfe said...

aw, thank you both!

Nikolas Ilic said...

beautiful post :D