Saturday, July 7, 2012

Comic books

Sketchbook Pro - sketch, ink, and color
Photoshop - texture
3 Hours

Hi all! I tried my hand at something new. Trying to get back into touch with my roots: comic art.  I learned how to draw humans by watching x-men cartoons and reading and doing master copies from graphic novels. I also use to draw a ton of fan-art.  I am really excited to see what happens!

Also, I re-visited my ink collection today. Shook up the bottles since they were packed away for a couple years.  I am hoping to play with them a lot this weekend. 

I also visited my old stomping grounds, Half Price Books.  I miss my coworkers there so much, we had some good times.  I was lucky enough to find Ashley Wood's way out of print "Popbot" graphic novel.  Then I ventured to two other comic book stores in town and found some Ashley Wood prints as well as some rare, out of print, issues of "Havok & Wolverine" with art by Kent Williams (my favorite artist).  I also picked up a copy of "Stray Toasters" by Bill Sienkiewicz, another favorite artist.  I am so overwhelmingly inspired right now >.<

Lastly, I moved my apartment around last week and it's cozier than ever. 

Things are good in Omaha.

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