Saturday, October 13, 2012

stuff, and things

So I've finally started working on conceptualizing an idea I had a year or so ago for an adaptation of Bjork's "Possibly Maybe."  I'm having a lot of fun figuring everything out, and the story for the short is pretty 'haunting'...heheh :d

CTNx is just a month away.  I'm kind of on edge, trying to get everything done, but there isn't a doubt in my mind that I'm going to have the best weekend of my life.  Two nights ago, my computer decided to break, and instead of forking up a ton of money to fix something that is just going to break even more any day now, I decided to buy a new iMac. I am much more inclined to make digital art now.  I'm pretty stoked about it.  

Also, here's a doodle of Piwi, chillin on a branch. :D
Portfolio will be up soon, and as soon as I get back from CTNx, I am starting an exciting art challenge that I hope to turn into both prints, and a self published book to sell next year at the conference.  Already planning it as we speak :)


Marcos B. Alvarado said...
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Marcos B. Alvarado said...

The ghost looks the atmosphere. The owl is also super cute! :)

.Shaun Corbet. said...

that owl is too darn cute!
some great sketches you have here :)

Hannah Tuohy said...

Beautiful work! Owls are the best!