Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Using what I have

Hey guys! long time no post! I've been so busy keeping my bird blog updated that I rarely have the energy to work on non-bird related things.  However, I am trying my hand at digital painting outside out of work.  I'm limited to what I can do in the studio because I have a style to adhere to, but at home I'm much more free to do whatever the hell I want.  So, here are a few birds from the last few days.  The top is a work in progress. Below is the bird I painted for tonight's post, and a close up of the face. 

I've had a cintique for almost a year now and I rarely use it.  I also have folders among folders of zoo pictures I've taken over the years for reference.  Decided to use what I have tonight and make something! :D

thank you all for your support, as always.  


Hannah Tuohy said...

These guys are lovely!

Aira said...

Fanstic! I love your animals :)

Kyrstin said...

You have a cintiq and rarely use it? That's something you don't hear everyday! ;)

I love these, needless to say. The parrot is utterly adorable.