Tuesday, June 18, 2013

VINE celebs

So, I've always had a liking for doing portraits of celebrities.  In highschool I would draw and paint portraits of various celebs (but mostly Jake Gyllenhaal) so I could learn how to paint.  It was challenging and fun...and also kind of creepy....

However, I recently started getting back into it and I wanted to start from a less common (but still well known) subject matter.  VINE has become my newest addiction.  I don't really use it for anything other than recording home videos of my painfully cute bird (that's secretly plotting my assassination). I've stayed up for a good hour (or two, or three) past my bedtime watching videos.  I was actually thrilled to find some celebrities I admired from my higshchool years making popular (and funny) videos on the app.

It inspired me to take up celebrity portraits again....but this time, the celebrities of VINE, and moreso caricatures of them instead of realistic portraits.  Here is a teeny tiny sneak peak of my first one of the king of "Techno Waffle Frisbee" himself, Michael Lopriore.  This is just the start, a very small part of the whole illustration, and probably will go through several redos before I'm happy with it.

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