Thursday, August 1, 2013


Long time no update!

So, I have been waiting patiently since December to show you guys the very first Battle Bear I designed.  It was such an honor to design something from start to finish and to see it come to life in a video game!  

(All images in this post belong to Skyvu Entertainment)

Botch was pitched to us as a dark bear with glowing eyes that could fly.  In the process of designing another character, I started sketching a little bear with a weird energy power, just to break the block I was in.  My boss saw this concept and asked me to elaborate more on it.

Botch ended up being this creepy radioactive bear....which is right up my alley.  Always a fan of the dark stuff

The best part of the Botch conception was designing his character 'skins.'  I dug deep into my past and pulled inspiration from my 'emo' and batman fangirl days. Botch ended up having an emo and harlequin skin.  I textured Botch's first four character skins.

This character is currently available as the 'assassin class' in Battle Bears Gold!  Check it out! 

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