Sunday, October 13, 2013

More Aliens!

Zeeba expressions.  She's coming along and at a point where I really like her.  Right now, I'm working on costumes for her!
(just a close up sneak peak of the base I'm working on)

And this is Keye.  Pronounced more like "Kai."  This is a male character. The one thing I wanted to do with his alien race in this project is make them a little on the androgynous side. Zeeba and Keye are both of the same race, and Morton will be as well...but because Morton has been developed as an outcast in my story, he will look much different than Zeeba and Keye.

More to come!!!

See you all at CTNx! I will be in the new Talent tent!


Cla said...

I looooove those aliens of yours!

Rachel Wolfe said...

ah thank you!!!